Lovely Newness @ Mon Tissu

Casual Dressy fashion LOTD

Frock dress by Mont Tissu, for full credits, click image

Last weekend Mon Tissue released these adorable frock dresses which I have been wearing almost continuously ever since! The come in a lovely selection of colors, but this floral one is my favorite. Perfect for my last days of summer vacation!
Also perfect, but for going back to work, are the Spade blouses. They are totally business smart, but can still easily be worn very casually on a pair of jeans shorts. These also come in a vast range of patterns and colors.

Spade blouse by Mon Tissu, for full credits click image.

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3 thoughts on “Lovely Newness @ Mon Tissu”

  1. Love the first image, but there’s no hyperlink to click through. Also wondering what the location was for where you took the first picture.

  2. Hey Maria, thanks so much for your comment, I fixed the hyperlink! The pic was taken at our home sim, which is private.

    1. You’re welcome 🙂 Wow, you have a lovely home, I love beach sims so I was hoping there was a new one to explore. Very lucky to have your own! Also, avid reader of your blog and always looking forward to new posts 🙂

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