Look of the Queen's Day: April 30, 2010


Happy Queen’s day! My fellow Dutch are going a little orange crazy on this day, which is the celebration of the Queen’s Birthday. I’m not likely to go into town today, but I figured I’d post this link to give you an idea what Queen’s Day in Amsterdam is like.

I’m wearing Nicky Ree’s Queen’s Day special Fiona in Orange and the oddly scripted but awesome looking Precious Queen crown, necklace and earrings from Alienbear. Odd because the crown comes with a built in heavy facelight, and the script is not really logical. Once you have figured how to turn it off it’s quite ok though, after all, with windlight who needs facelights anyway but to annoy your fellow residents.

I’m wearing Belleza’s Elle skin and fri.day’s Summer hair.

SLurls can be found here.

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