Look of the Pink Ribbon Month

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October is breast cancer awareness month, symbolised by the well known pink ribbon. Breast cancer is still one of the major causes of death for women. Research and awareness are extremely important as it might be able to save lives. Show that you care, wear a pink ribbon, and if you can, donate some to your local cancer association.

Look of the Pink Ribbon Month

Dress: Nova Enchanted Classic Dress by Novastar Shilova
Belt: Plus Adorable Pink belt by Helena Compton
Shoes: Blaze Classic Pumps in rose by Blaze Columbia
Earrings: Earthtones Lace of Love by Lucas Lameth (SLRFL ’07 LE)
Bracelet: Earthtones Grazia in pink, by Lucas Lameth
Pink Ribbon: Pixels in Pinks RFL exclusive

Hair: ETD Sea Nymph in abyss by Elika Tiramisu (2007 LE)
Skin: PXL Creations Linda Cat eye, dark lips in tan by Hart Larsson (available soon)

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