Look of the Day, September 15, 2010


Actually I planned to blog this look yesterday, but time flies when you’re having fun, and I would like to thank all of my friends who made me laugh so hard yesterday! You’re the best!

So there is is from head to toe, a day late: the look of September 15.

I’m wearing Dutch Touch’s Jip skin which, with the dark and full eyebrows became an instant fave of mine with the best frizz on the grid, Rush (soy sauce) by Lelutka.  The Silent Bamboo earrings are from Creamshop.

The afghan stole is from Sey and is texture change, so it still will give you pretty good value for money. I still think Sey is on the overpriced bit though, but … oh well… The Soft Core Days jacket in dusk is from Royal Blue. I should wear Marni’s stuff more often because it is to cute. Remind me now and then, ok? Under the jacket I’m wearing Coco’s white v-neck shirt which is one of the solid basics in my inventory and the Nora jeans are from LeLutka. Grab a pair of comfy shoes to go with this look and you’re ready for a day of shopping.

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2 thoughts on “Look of the Day, September 15, 2010”

  1. I agree with the above statement 🙂 Royal Blue should be worn by everyone more often. (not that im biased……)

    On a side note: I love curly hair on avatars mine always looks so poo in it tho 🙁

    Cute look


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