Look of the Day, May 24, 2010


Milla Michinaga @ Michami has released this sexy new dress “Kat” in some beautiful color combinations. I’ve picked the black/silver one for today’s look. Kat comes with both a sculpted and a system skirt, but to be honest, I find that the sculpt skirt gives me a bigger butt than the system skirt, so I’m sticking with that.

I’m combining the dress with Aoharu’s black collarless jacket, Blowpop’s fishnet stockings, Tesla’s black Angelina boots and LeLutka’s black Jills Fighting Talk gloves.

Adding some carfully picked accesoires such as fri.day’s black cinch belt, Mandala’s Shaka necklace and GOS’new Cateye sunglasses and I’m good to go… well, anywhere really.

I’m wearing Belleza’s Elle (blond, pale 6) and Epoque’s Calm hair.

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