Look of the Day, March 20, 2010


Today’s look is about wearing male clothing and still looking feminine… I’m curious to see if Hunain can pull the opposite off… wearing girl stuff and still look like the guy he really is :-P.

[update] [02:33] Hunain Bellic: matter of fact, ill put the current look on hold maybe, and get this girl clothes thing going. [02:33] Hunain Bellic: lol

OH YEAH!!!!  😀 😀 😀

My sweet friend Wilma TP’d me last night to Kiitos where they have this new cache coeur sweater out. It comes with the shirt, cardigan and cache coeur in one folder and i n a lot of different color combinations. For our convenience, the creator has prims fitted for girls added to the folder (but that’s for the really teensy girls… so be ready to do some prim adjustments). I’m wearing it with Whippet & Buck’s Harris Tartan shorts “Outter Space” and Action’s (Action Surf & Sk8te) Women’s Ballet Flatz in black. The Onyx necklace and earrings are from the Soho set by alaMood.

I’m so fond of the Hiccup skins from Très Blah lately, I’m wearing the Drama here, and today’s hair is Sienna 2, released today by Truth, even if he’s on vacation (yes, he’s crazy <3) in latte.

SLurls can be found here.

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