Look of the Day, July 14, 2009


LOTD090714_2, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

Coco has some newness in the shop, among which this quite, err, spectacular prom dress. It may require some serious fitting but it’s SO worth it. I’m wearing it with some of Uzuri’s gorgeous ethnic inspired jewelry (Porini bracelet & earrings) and that’s all. If you’re wearing too much accesoires with a dress like this, it will only distract from your assets, ladies!

I’m wearing a lovely updo from Atomic, called Emma with a texture change hair band and I’m wearing Launa Fauna’s latest Beta, Nova in tone 5, which is not available as of yet, but it’ll be worth the wait.

I usually don’t post 2 pics for one look, but the front of this dress is as spectacular as the back…so… here we go:

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  1. That’s just too over the top for me. It crosses the line and shows far too much crack and is just crass. I like the front but the back is not sexy at all to me, but tasteless.

  2. Oh well, de gustibus non est disputandum, to be honest I really prefer seeing this over the tons of slutwear and regular low rise jeans. The prim work is awesome and the skin is great. I’d be thinking twice about wearing it in RL, but I had a giggle about the name, prom dress, since we don’t have a prom tradition, and from what you see on movies and such, the most important concern (after finding a date) is about getting laid….. I think this dress absolutely enhances the chance of that 😀

  3. I agree that it is a bit better to look at than regular cheap slutwear, but it’s just high class slutwear in my opinion. I think the front is perfectly sexy but the back is just horrid. Ruined the dress completely. I can understand skimming the top of the crack but it’s so far down… eesh. No.

  4. I have to say I found this dress too fiddly to fit relative to the end result, which works fine for still shots but not so good when you move around. Also the ballerina length hemline seemed a little strange – I wanted full length. I’m a fan of Coco in general, but was disappointed by this piece

  5. Finally a dress that looks like it was designed purposely for a neko to wear! No more having a tail magically poking through the fabric.

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