Look of the Day, January 1, 2010


&Bean’s latest skin Pillow (tan, 1) makes me look a little stern I think. It’s a lovely skin again, but I’ll have to fiddle a bit with my shape to make it really fit me and I’m not feeling like it today. Yeah… it’s the New Year’s blues I suppose. I was totally annoyed with my neighbours last night who were setting off illegal fireworks, with blows so loud that I feared for the windows at my place. Oh well, end rant.. but my RL mood has influenced my SL look today. Truth’s Bailey hair in latte softens the look a bit.

Madsy’s lost sheep leather jacket is, like all of the inventory from that shop, so totally well made, and easy to wer! I’m matching it with this week’s 50 L$ Friday release from 5th & Oxford, the grey Tattoo Tee and Kari’s new school jeans. And since it’s cold, I’m wearing Artilleri’s Taylor scarf (red/aqua).

Not shown, but still a fave, are the UBU drunks sneakers, totally customisable, and going so well with any casual outfit.

New Years resolution… finally make a SLurl page.. so that’s next… slurls can be found there in the future.

And if I may suggest a resolution… how about subscribing to the updates of More Than Meets the Eye via e-mail? look in the sidebar, it’s easy.

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