Look of the Day, February 8, 2010


Oh well.. so I forgot to post yesterday’s look yesterday and posted it over breakfast today, and here is today’s lotd, and as close a V-day look as you will get from me this year.

I’m wearing Atomic’s Cropped Love Tee in Pepto, and Dutch Touch’s MoTo jeans in grey. So funny that those stripes are somewhat in the shirt as well! J’s western boots are a logical choice with this outfit, and I love these pink ones, because it’s not too sweet a pink.

The pink straw hat is from Surf Couture, as is the weat i’m chewing on (comes with the hat). I’m wearing Flowey’s “be still my heart” tattoo, which I just realise is not visible under the braid of my Candice hair (from Truth) but I totally <3 Flutter’s tats, so yeah… she makes txt tattoos now too, just so you know!

As said, the hair is Candice in coffee, and I modded it to fit with the hat. I see a lot of people who make the hat bigger, but seriously.. that’s not the way to do it, it makes your head look ridiculously big. Just make a colpy of the hair and shrink it, or edit linked prims and shrink the prims sticking out from the hat. I’m wearing Roos skin today, from Dutch Touch, in cream (City make up)

Ok, that’s it for the looks today…. slurls are here, as usual.

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