Look of the Day, February 28, 2009

fashion hair LOTD

lotd090228, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

The other week Maitreya’s gorgeous tops were all over the feed, and I was a little meh about it, because i’m not a huge fan of big,body covering prims. Dunno, I’m just too voluptuous I think, my shape always sticks out on every side of such an attachment and i’m really not a master in adjusting prims.But Beau and Onyx have made this pretty easy. Not only by giving you standard a s/m/ and l version of both the plain and the AO containing top, but also by adding a resizer script to the medium version. In my case I just had to shrink the large top a little and then make my boobs a wee bit bigger to fill it up nicely. Yeah… making things work on your avatar sometimes takes a little work. I’m wearing the strapless Spring 1 top with Zaara’s white velours Ishaya slacks, which is one of her latest releases. My Industrie work boots are a bit of a funny choice. Thruth sent them to me last night. They are for the guys, but when you resize them, they look really cool and comfortable on girl feet. I would not have bought them off the shelves, but I am pretty much in love with them by now. I kept accesoires really simple, since I’m a firm believer of the less is more doctrine and picked Icon’s gunmetal SW bangle.

I’m wearing Grace again, the fashion tan that was released yesterday, with the lovely flamenco lips and my hair is one of Truths new releases, Felicity 2 in Mocha, with improved textures (and I loved the old textures already, but these look so much softer yet).

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