Look of the Day, February 22,2009

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LOTD090222, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

It’s sad, really, that sometimes I only remember a content creator when I hear they are going to close. Like in this case Jonquille Noir, from Little Rebel. Little Rebel used to be one of my fave adresses when I came to SL.Jonquille has a huge collection and was totally affordable even for my newbie wallet. But then you discover the huge and ever increasing variety of content… and those trusted places fade.. Not nice.. So today’s outfit is with one of the items thet I picked up at the sale at Little Rebel.Everything is marked down to 25 L$!

I’m wearing Jonquille’s black and pink floral wrap dress with the über classic white broadcloth blouse from Coco and the pink leather sash belt from Fleur. I’ve tinted the sand Mraz scarf from Decoy to match the pink of the dress and picked the black pearl ring from Paper Couture (which was a 2007 jewelry fair exclusive) as sole piece of jewelry. When I was looking for the right shoes to wear, I rediscovered the lovely enchant peeptoe shoes from Maitreya, which, much like Little Rebel, were kinda lost in the depths of my inventory (the shoes,not Maitreya itself)

Bonjour Operator from Lamb! in Pale is my hair today, and I’m still wearing Aden’s Gen4 (fair, make up 7)

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