Look of the Day, April 3, 2010


This suit with crochet sweater and scarf is from a shop called So What, and it’s made for guys. Yeah… so what? With a little prim adjusting it’s a pretty neat outfit for the girls as well!

Combine it with some great accesoires like the Hydra hand ring from Rozoregalia, and GOS’ Intuition glasses, or maybe even some really elegant pearls to underline the femininity of the ensemble and you’re good to go. Not visible, but a must when wearing androgynous suits, without wanting to actually be androgynous, are some killer stiletto heels. Though not visible, I have chosen the black patent ankle boots from Bax Coen.

I’m wearing L.Fauna’s Lapine Starling tan 1 and Lelutka’s group gift hair Isha in Harvard. The hair base tattoo is a SL2.0 only feature and it’s a freebie provided by Tiny Bird.

Poses by LAP and /GEEZ/

SLurls are here

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