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I have been cold for days now, despite central heating and thick cuddly sweaters, I am just feeling cold. So that reflects in my SL and I am wearing quite wintery outfits lately. Besides, when everyone is putting out christmas decorations, I just think shorts and a t-shirt look ridiculous. Err.. on second thought.. that only goes for the northern hemisphere…. I don’t blame the antipods for celebrating xmas in their swimwear


  • Brown Pea coat by Donmai Frederick @ Back and Forth priced MORE than reasonable at only L$ 98
  • Hanna high waisted skirt (pants and prim skirt only) by Antonia Marat @ Artilleri, L$ 120
  • Black Tights by Blaze Columbia @ Blaze, L$ 100 for a bundle of 13 colours
  • Plain Riding Boots by Damen Gorilla @ Adam ‘n Eve, L$ 350


  • Funky Scarf Leopard by Antonia Marat @ Artilleri, L$ 75
  • Black Date bag by Nekoko Noel at Honey Kitten, L$ 150. It is mod so you can recolour the flower in edit linked parts. Of course I found out AFTER I took the photos.
  • Black Leather Gloves by Roslin Petion and CJ Carnot at Tête à Pied, L$ 100


  • Pandora Fall Diva Solstice in skin tone 1 by Sachi Vixen at Adam ‘n Eve, L$ 4000 for a six pack with multiple make ups and skin options (freckles, pubix, mani & pedicures, lashes, face light)
  • Jaylin black/blonde streak hair by Imani Moseley @ Fetish Boutique, L$ 225 for the black pack

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  1. That is a really great outfit you’ve pulled together. I’m going to have to run to that Back and Forth shop and see what else they’ve got, I’m liking that coat a lot.

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