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I’ve not been posting a lot of outfits lately… basically because I’ve been too busy with other things, but today I was checking out some shops, and I just felt like dressing up a bit.

Linda Dark, pink lips dark eyes by Hart Larsson @ PXL Creations
Vexed hair by Imani Moseley @ Fetish Boutique
Gisaci Lima Trenchcoat Verde by Juju Armidi @ Armidi
Demi Cami (tinted) by Nephilaine Protagonist @ Pixeldolls (not found in the shop… tintable tops in general are ideal to match in outfits)
Gisaci Dalia Pump Cerise by Lola Marquez @ Armidi
The Heiress purse by CJ Carnot @ Fleur
Kau’i disc jewelry by Lucas Lameth @ Earthtones Boutique (earrings from the set, layered necklace sold separately)
(Shape by me, work in progress, not released for now).

Speaking of the Kau’i set… I just had to include a close up… look at the shadow!! No, not the shading.. the shadow…. this necklace casts the subtlest shadow on my chest. Lucas has been experimenting again and.. it works out so well!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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