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I usually visit Bare Rose a couple of times per week. June Dion releases a LOT of adorable and creative outfits with tons of options and layers. It’s paradise for the avid shopper, also because Bare Rose is totally affordable, so it won’t ruin your linden balance… kinda.. I mean.. if you just shop enough… everything is possible.

But well… this is not about me being a happy bankrupt again. I picked up the amazing “Over the Rainbow” steam punk outfit that comes with a plethora of cute sculptie attachments and played around with it for a while. I admit, I break Bare Rose outfits up a lot, because I do not always feel like wearing costumes, but single parts of those outfits are more than once the inspiration for the outfit I’ll wear that day. This time it were the gloves that caught my attention. They really are amazing, with sculpted cuffs and partially open on the fingers to give extra grip on whatever you choose to touch with it. So they were at the base of the outfit that I wear here. The gloves, and the pants. They have some stains on the thighs, like you whiped your hands on them too often.



  • Hair Willis III (with hat) in Ebony by Elika Tiramisu @ ETD (main location ETD Isle currently closed)
  • Skin Linda Sunkissed, coffee lips, dark eyes by Hart Larsson @ PXL Creations

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