LL Scares Me Again


From the official Linden Blog:

As announced earlier, Second life is being taken down for scheduled maintenance on Wednesday, August 22, 08:00am SLT (PDT) (15:00 GMT).

[Updated 10:40] The bulk of the work is done. We are performing internal testing now. One issue has been identified and is being investigated.

[Updated 11:00] First set of issues is resolved, but a new one has been discovered and is being worked on now. Once this is resolved, we need to complete additional testing prior to opening up the grid. We expect this to be completed by 11:30.

so far so good.. but then:

[Updated 11:25] The new issue has been resolved, but deploying the fix and subsequent testing will take some additional time. We now expect the grid to open by 12:00

[Updated 12:15] We have completed deployment for the fix and are continuing testing.

ok.. better safe than sorry… after all.. Maintenance Wednesday has more than once turned into a general nightmare…..but wait… there is more:

[Updated 12:45] We have identified another problem, resolved it and deployed the fix. We are again testing prior to opening up.

[Updated 13:05] We have identified yet another issue which would affect inworld email delivery. We are currently fixing it and resuming testing.

How much more issues are going to be discovered prior to the grid being brought back up…? is this the point where they are going to fix EVERYTHING before putting the grid back up? Keep searching guys and you will find many more issues, work for weeks of downtime.

What I am really afraid of though is that many new issues will be discovered… by residents.. after finally being able to log back in. I think I might not wait up for it and tuck in early. Ciao!

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