Lingerie, Oh My!


Not being a huge V-day fan, there is one thing that I really like about this time of year and that is the massive amount of delicious lingerie sets being released, both in SL and RL.  I have been spoiled with  lot of them lately, so I figured I might as well share some of my favourites with you.

First there is Cream, today’s release from Lovelace, the annual collab between Nephilaine Protagonist and Launa Fauna. I love how this year’s releases are all dessert/patisserie inspired. And isn’t this one just yummy? There is not enough strapless lingerie in SL!!

Other than the undies, I’m wearing precious little… but the hair it Truth’s Peta, the skin is L.Fauna’s Lapine, the bracelet is alaMood’s Keeper of Hearts and the pose and heart are from Glitterati.

The next set in this lingerie loaded post is from 5th & Oxford. The Tease is an upcoming release, and as usual, it comes with tons of options and in several rich colours. There will be knickers, garter belts, bras , corsets and under bust corsets on all useful layers as well as natural and matching stockings to every colour. I love how, with her known eye for detail, Roslin made the stockings look slightly pulled up by the garter. Also they will release their famous gloves in matching colours!

With this set I’m also wearing 5th & Oxford’s Audrey English Rose (medium) and Tiny Bird’s Love Love Love.

I own almost every set which  Camilla Yosuke from Insolence has ever released. It’s just love.  With her gorgeous lace textures and excellent drawn items, she is probably the most loved lingerie designer on the grid. This latest release, Cecile, comes in 6 lovely colours and also comes with a bra option. I have picked the pink corset/chemise option, since it shows a little more of the mad skills of Camilla.

I’m not a stockings fetishist, but I love it when they are well done in SL. Many you see are pretty bland and with mediocre textures, but like 5th & Oxford, Insolence’s stockings are SO well made, with the perfect capture of that sheer shine which any nylons these days have. With every set of Cecile, you get several different shades of stay ups as well.  With Cecile I’m wearing Lelutka’s Ife (make up 3 in sunkiss) and  Maitreya’s Bo hair in Pecan as well as alaMood’s Keeper of Hearts bracelet.

Last but not least in this run is Blacklace’s Mile High set… yes… there is also a stewardess set for this release… but I’m sticking to the undies today… maybe some day i’ll show you how hot the skimpy dress is with the hat and all.  The Mile High lingerie is very outspoken, the woman wearing this is a predator… feline, her poor prey will be caught before he even realises he was being hunted…Blacklace is strong at making this statement, their lingerie is very empowering. There are also lace gloves to go with this set, but personally I’m not a fan of lace gloves, so I left those out.

With the Mile High lingerie I’m wearing Dutch Touch’s Amber skin and the Aphro hair from Another Level.

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