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hahahaha, I had a post in my head to go with this look and picture, but now that I am actually about to sit down and write, I’m drawing a blank. So here are my best work from home tips, because I think we might be doing this a while longer. Are you comfortable? This might actually be a long post!

  • Do get up at your regular time.
  • Get your workday morning routine done. Get properly dressed.
  • Use the time you would spend on your commute on household chores. Trust me, it will allow you to remain focused during the workday if that laundry basket is empty, and it will generate more free time for yourself in the evening
  • Make sure you create several places where you can work. either sitting a a desk, use your ironing board as a standing desk and yes, use that comfortable couch for when you have reading stuff to do.
  • You will probably have way more virtual meetings than before the pandemic. Read this piece with tips from Tom Ford on how to look good on Zoom (and other meeting apps)
  • Invest in a ring light. It’s one of the easiest ways to help you look good on cam.
  • Take sufficient breaks. No one likes back to back appointments all day, but back to back vid cons are a killer for your back AND your motivation. It’s more exhausting than a full day of face to face meetings. It’s not a bad thing to use a few minutes to get your laundry in the dryer, or to unload your dishwasher or to walk your dog, or to praise your child for being awesome and letting you work
  • Take a real lunch break. When in spring we were on a full lockdown, my guy and I agreed we would have our main/hot meal during lunch. Don’t allow yourself to get trapped in stuffing your face with a sandwich at your computer
  • Set meeting rules such as who presides, who takes minutes, but also whether or not you have cameras on or off and, maybe most important, agree to not having to apologise for crying children, a delivery at the door, or your cat’s butt in close up at your cam. These are weird times. Cat butts happen!
  • Switch off your computer at your normal time.
  • Take a nice walk or do a little work out during the time you would use for your evening commute.
  • And because you have done some chores already before work, you will probably now have (most) of your evening free to spend with your family, or to just enjoy doing whatever you feel like doing!

    What is your tip for staying sane, productive AND motivated while working from home in the pandemic? Let me know in the comments!

Hair Mayhem by Stealthic
Glasses Parker by Deep Static (Thanks Autumn for reminding me!)
Turtle neck sweater by Ison
Brooch Golden wings ring by Paper Couture (a ring, yes, attached to my right pec to wear as a brooch. One of my old, pre-mesh, but still favourite accessories in my inventory!)
Skirt Luce by Miss Chelsea
Bag Delicate by DDL
Thigh highs basic by Luxuria

Mesh head Fleur by LeLutka
Skin Stefani by Moccino Beauty
Eyebrows Zero by Suicidal Unborn
Mole Alessa by League
Eyeshadow Everyday by Fenom
Lipstick natural by Morgenstern

Stay safe everyone, and as always, be kind to each other! ♥

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