Life ain't no cabaret, old chum


Shai absolutely did it again, with her latest Cabaret themed Mein Herr outfit she has created yet another gorgeous outfit. But I’ve never been fond of musicals, life ain’t NO cabaret, and so I’ve turned it into a fierce, but totally hot, look of the day.Using the amazing bowler hat from Mein Herr, as well as the sexy vest, I paired it with the work New School black jeans from Torrid, and the slinky stilettos from Maitreya. The jewelry is from Icon, and the stout designs makes the whole look yet a bit edgier. The gloves are from the Marilyn outfit at Emery.

The hair is Maitreya’s Sunday in natural blond (heavily modded to fit the hat), the tattoo is Cherry Blossom from Aitui and the skin is MMS Roma light make up 7. The red nails are from Fleur

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