Let’s Fly


I have been practicing in Photoshop a lot lately, trying to make my photowork better and finally I feel like I am getting somewhere. My latest bit of work is this desaturated pic showing off Hunain’s latest ink  “Let’s Fly”.  I’m generally supportive of what my friend and fellow blogger makes, though I’m usually also the one who is sending him back to the drawing board again and again, but occasionally he comes up with a design that I really love like Whoa!  This is one of them. When we first talked of the idea of making a wing tattoo it wasn’t really working out, so the idea was put to rest. And all of a sudden, Let’s Fly took shape in Hui’s head, and made its way to the avatar mesh.

Anyway, I’m rambling again… it’s way too early for me to be blogging anyway, so I’m off for some serious breakfast. I hope you like both the photography I’ve been doing lately, as well as Let’s fly which is available at HUZ Tats in black, gold and a tintable white, all on the tattoo layer. viewer 2.1 required becaue of the tintable tattoo layer.

Other essentials: Skin Yri by Dutch Touch, Hair and hair base by 99 Elephants, pasties by Acid & Mala

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