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fashion skins

Earlier today Jori IM’d me with a screenshot, telling me how much she loved the skin she was wearing and how real it made her look. I asked her which one of  The Body Co is was, and it turned out, I have the same skin. Only on me, it looks totally different. So I asked her to pose with me and this pic is what came out.
Yes, you can see it’s the same skin brand. But other than that, I think we look pretty different. Like sisters, not twins. I love skins that work with shapes, instead of being so heavily shaded that it will basically override any shape and look like they made a bunch of clones. Also, I love me some tattoo layers. Jori is wearing hers with  with the Chic make up layer from the same brand/skin and I am wearing the bare version, so that makes it also different and then Jori chose the blond eye brows, and I went for the brown ones

I almost forget to share what skin from The Body Co we’re wearing, It’s Iris (medium).

Other need to knows:

On Jori: Maitreya’s Miabella hair which she modded heavily, MOOD Infinity Our Love and MOOD Fly Away necklaces and Mon Tissu Park Avenue top,

On me: Lelutka’s Knotted hair and League’s Broderie Anglais top.

Thanks for posing with me, J. <3, always.

Taxi to The Body Co.


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