Le Printemps

Casual fashion LOTD

This dress from Geometry, Marie, is so cute. It’s very casual and it reminds me of the cotton dresses I like to wear on really warm spring days, when just lounging in the garden with a glass of sweet tea and my bare feet playing with the grass.Geometry only sells on the marketplace, but they have demos available and follow the standard sizing. Yet I found this dress to be on the large side. I usually wear M, but for this one the S was perfect.

I’m wearing also the latest new hair from Wasabi Pills, Annette 2, which is one of my current fave hairs and so fitting with the casual dress. Further I’m wearing Earthstones‘ Neisha necklace (C88), PXL Creations‘ Kate skin and SLink‘s rigged mesh feet.

2 thoughts on “Le Printemps”

  1. I love the mesh part, but when I tried on the demos, none of the alpha layers cover the breasts. I’m wondering if this is my own viewer toying with me or if you had the same issue? I really like her work and was hugely disappointed that I couldn’t make it work with that kind of alpha.

  2. hey Masha, I had no issues with the alpha at all, except like I said that my usual M was a bit large on me. S fits me perfectly though. Could be your viewer… I’ve had days that feet alphas wouldn’t show up right for me, unless I emptied my cache on every login or crash 🙁

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