Last Call Limited Edition: Sea Nymph


Back in December I was so happy I could lay my hands on some of Dazzle’s last limited editions that Ginny released around the holidays. They still are among my all time inventory favourites. I was thrilled to see that a new limited from Ginny’s magic hads was about to be released and got all geared up (in casu… stripped naked, no hair, no nothing), ready to face what was about to be a fashionista nightmare over at Last Call. Ginny has over 1000 fans in her update group and only 75 gowns available. The only attachment I was seriously considering was a push gun to shoot everyone of the premises, if I had one, but on second thought, I really like Ginny, and I would hate being banned off the sim.

Anyway,almost immediately after the notice that the Sea Nymph was released… the first batch was gone. Ginny herself was impressed by the incredible amount of people camping outside

.**RE-EDIT: The Sea Nymph is officially gone and out of rotation. I apologize profusely for the lag. I had no clue how many people had camped out inside of the store. The dots on the minimap didn’t reveal themselves until I expanded the map and saw a pancake stack 35 high with 18 more stuck at the entrance to the store (me being one of the 18). Remember the hair is limited release and will be in my store and at ETD until July 31st. It’s SO gorgeous. We have a WONDERFUL release planned for next week – an extensive MEN’S AND WOMEN’S release along with exciting news about new projects, new collaborations, new stores, and new builds <3 Have a wonderful weekend!!!! <3<3

Second Batch which was released in the early SL evening… same story, within a couple of hours all 75 items were gone, and a lot of people were disappointed. I must admit, I did not expect this to happen. Wit the last Dazzle limiteds, that were only 60, after a couple of days, there were still some available.

I can’t wait to see the hype that will rock SL next time Ginny releases a limited edition.

Elika made the hair to go with the Sea Nymph, 2 versions of it and a bunch of awesome special textures. This hair is also limited, but in time, not in numbers. It is available until July 31. I usually am not a Willow Pack fan, but in this case I could not resist it, and I even might go for the other pack too.

Hehehe, since Second Style is off the air for a couple of days, and I am addicted to blogging fashion, this has become quite a fashion post.

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