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Michami‘s newest dress Lana is made of AWESOME! When I say I love textures and shapes in design, this is what I mean. The design is elegant and edgy with the “sculpted” hips and bodice (it’s mesh, but sculpted is referring in this case to the act of sculpting, remember Rodin and such?) and the textures are all rich brocades, in every one of the 6 available colors (which by the way aren’t simply recolored versions, but every texture is different!)

Taxi to Michami


Other need to knows:
Hair Pocahontas by LeLutka
Skin Isla by League
Eyes Utopia by Ikon
Necklace simple grey diamonds by Paper Couture
Pimp Your Pumps by Gos 
Pose by Torrid. No longer available.

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