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I am pretty anal about textures, and matching of textures. 99% of seams in SL can be avoided, depending on the level of skills from the creator and the complexity of the design. One thing you can do precious little about is the mis match between the lower pants and underpants layer and the shirt/undershirt layer. It’s something I would LOVE LL to work on, because this is usually not the designer’s fault and the only way they can solve it is by using the jacket layer and avoid the waist seam.

Anyway, before I start rambling about the (im)possibilities of SL clothing layers, what I really wanted to say is that there are but a few creators I am willing to forgive for sloppy seams, for the sheer fun and awesome of their work. Nylon Pinkney is one of them. She continues to make me smile with her quirky clothes and awesome hand drawn textures. Yes… ofen the seams don’t match, but in Nylon’s case… it doesn’t stop me from loving her work. At.All. Double standards? YES… sue me… I’m human.

  • Hair from Dura  Summer group gift(Strawberry) by Chloe Dakun
  • Skin from the body co. Lavender (02 Ivory) – bald by thebodyco
  • Jewelry from MOOD, Chaos by Jori Watler
  • Crocheted Flower Blouse Top – Red from Nylon Outfitters by Nylon Pinkney
  • Classic jeans white from Zaara, by Zaara Kohime
  • Slink Shaz Platforms White Denim by Siddean Munro


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