L2 Studio: the Zapallar house


SL Designers remix is a new initiative from Pitsch Parx, the creator from Urbanized where House builders and furniture builders/decorators display their creations together. So instead of looking at furniture in a showroom, you can see it here how it would actually look in (your) home and related to other interior design elements. I landed right next to the Zapallar House from L2 studio, and decided to buy it because of the more than reasonable price (L$ 350)  and the fact that it’s copy/mod and comes with extra elements so modding is actually made easy for you.

I have rezzed it as a sky box (which is actually a very good option for it, considering the modular living spaces are connected by a white plastered floor) and tried not to stuff it with too much furniture, to create a light and serene atmosphere.

  • The Zapallar House v2 by Lindini2 Lane for L2 Studio (113 prims, 25 x 27 m footprint)
  • Botanical – Small Mediterranean Cypress (mc) by Kriss Lehmann
  • Hydrangea – ajisai – white by  Kao Sands for itutu (freebie)
  • Kago01(old/White Knob) baskets by Yacchan Clip for Y’s House

  • Corner sofa white by Yasuki Beck for ++LP2++
  • Iron Center Tables 01(WP/wood) by Yacchan Clip for Y’s house
  • Beck Drapes by Colleen Desmoulins for The Loft 
  • Flower Color(3) by Yasuki Beck for ++LP2++
  •  Jewel Toned Candle Tray by Colleen Desmoulins for The Loft
  • Rug_Linen002/Sisal hemp(red line)_a by Yacchan Clip for Y’s House
  •  Bubble chair ( L) 1.1 by Yasuli Beck for   ++LP2++
  • Wall decoration by Grazia Horwitz (nfs)

  •  Bubble chair ( L) 1.1 by Yasuli Beck for   ++LP2++
  • Rug_Linen002/Sisal hemp(red line)_a by Yacchan Clip for Y’s House
  • *Y’s HOUSE* Garden Table set 001(WP) by Yacchan Clip
  • <<UrbanizeD>> Pendant Lamp “Heavenly” A // Nomad by Pitsch Parx
  • *Cheap Cheap* Posters II by Flanelle Bebb
  • *Y’s HOUSE* [Display] Shelf01_M by Yacchan Clip (2x)
  • *Y’s HOUSE* [Display] Kago01(old/White Knob)_LL baskets by Yacchan Clip
  • Garden of Dreams Old Books – TypeA – 1 by Kayle Black
  • ++LP2++ Anthurium010(3) by Yasuki Beck 
  • ++LP2++ plant 001 by Yasuki Beck

  • MudHoney Madera Bed by Ravyn Hynes
  • *Y’s HOUSE* Iron Center Table 01(WP/glass) (x2) by Yacchan Clip
  • LISP – Sunshine Sky Drapes with touch on off sun by Pandora Popstar
  • LISP – Sunshine Grass Rug by Pandora Popstar
  • LISP – Sunshine Ladybird Vase  by Pandora Popstar
  • *Y’s HOUSE* Rug_Linen003(MUJI)_b by Yacchan Clip
  • Dutchie dropped dress by Froukje Hoorenbeek
  • Biter Vanilla  Laundry basket (blue) by Ichi Swansong
  • [*Art Dummy!]  love heals. (chair) by Gala Charron
  • [*Art Dummy!] vintage heart chalk illustration. by Gala Charron
  • [*ArtDummy!]  paint chipped heart. by Gala Charron (tinted)
  • Wall deco “The Smell of Freshly Cut Grass”by Grazia Horwitz (nfs)

Total prim count: 339 

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