Kari Sucks… Not


Kari brings you 3 bracelets this week… and they are exactly what you have come to expect from this brand. They are 1) fun 2) flawless and 3) affordable. So that is 3 reasons for you to stop at Kari’s while you are shopping this weekend.

1) is the ruler bracelet, fun and quirky and indispensable for any SL stylist, builder, and other people with a sense of humor and style
2) The key cuff… I saw Menno wearing this one in RL  in brown leather and it came out so well. The man has some mad skills!
3) The Gaia bracelets are somewhat different from what you may be used to. Organic and somewhat fantasy inspired… but I bet those berries will come in handy!!!  (these are actually 2 different bracelets shot together, to  show you how the back looks like, too… they come in the berries and grapes variety.

Taxi to Kari

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