Jungle Boi


Jungle Boi
I have been away for quite some time due to several RL issues and even now, as I type, I have allergic conjunctivitis..lol, lots going on in life. Nevertheless, I had been wanting since long to take a naked pic of me, showing a skin and I took one finally. I am wearing the Zoobong Ocean 2.0 skin in this picture, the hair is from Ego and the location is Sophia Harlow’s beautiful estate!
The skin lacks the hardcore detailing which is popular lately, but I find it a nice subtle touch, not over detailed or shaded, it does give off a young-ish look, which I wanted to achieve for this picture. The hair at Ego are some of the best i’ve seen quality wise, I absolutely loved this style called Tak, the curls again re-enforce the young look and add personality. Do visit zoobong and Ego to check out their stuff!
PS: Always try demos!
On me:
Skin – !ZB : Ocean 2.0 _Calimocha_(Beard)
Hair – Ego : Tak (Chestnut)

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