Jim, Marissa and the LeLu dolls

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Guys!!! LeLutka has released a massive update to their heads and new heads wil be out as well soon!
The new HUD is sexy! I have no other words for it. It’s just UNF… love! 
Long story short: the heads have updated weighting, to make them more compatible with 3rd party skins (Omega), the expressions and moods have all been updated as well, the HUD has a new design AND is bake on mesh ready! Yes I know, Bake on mesh is still in the project phase, but I’m excited that LeLutka is prepared for the (near) future and that their heads are ready to do! Other awesome perks: the LeLutka eyes on the HUD can be toggled between larger and smaller irisses, instead of just an eyebrows layer on  the HUD there is now a Face layer, which can not only apply eyebrows but also facial embellishments and they have 4 complimentary settings on the HUD. For the full new features, check LeLutka‘s website here

So LeLutka aside… I am wearing the new Glam Affair applier, Marissa, for LeLutka, currently available at ACCESS and Tableau Vivant‘s Jim hair from this month’s Kustom9. Call it a cliché, I’m ok with that, but these 3 brands are such a collaborative powerhouse. I love them hard. 
My bikini is from Inkhole and currently out at Equal10

So now I am going to wait patiently (NOT) until LeLutka finished their new heads so that I can play some more. I’m curious to see whether there will be one that is going to replace Simone for me, as I have been wearing it almost exclusively for years now.

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