Je Me Souviens Trop Bien


Je me souviens trop bien… I remember too well… I remember too well your warm and witty personality, the talks we had while you were working on the Unique gown for Relay for life and how you told me you felt blessed to be able to give an extra bit to this charitable cause by creating something truly unique in SL.
I remember too well the fascination you had for France and french things, how you loved to live there. Oddly enough just as I learned about you passing away, I was litteraly leaving for Paris. Right now I am sitting in this small hotel in the middle of the Marais and it is so strange to walk through this city we both know and love so much, seeing the things that you have seen and knowing that when I come back tomorrow, I will not be able to share stories with you.

I am extending my heartfelt condolences to your family and friends and most of all to your love,who will have to deal with living without you in a home that is still breathing you. I wish them strentgh, and love, and the ability to turn their memories in a healing power.

Je me souviens trop bien.. mon ami, I will miss you.

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