Izzie’s, Exile and Elate

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Earlier today during FLF shopping I ran into Kelly Ewish of Elate and she was such a doll to drop her newest release on me, the Leah dress. It comes in a lot of color combinations, but I chose the red and navy one for today. The brown leather belt is part of the dress and so a pair of brown shoes, in this case Maitreya’s Stagioni boots, came naturally.

Exile’s This years love is a sassy cropped bob and has little color change flowers to play with, but you can also make them invisible, which is what I did for this look. Idk, dark striped  dresses and pastel flowers simply don’t work together for me, but it doesn;t make the hair less adorable to turn them off.

Last but not least, some love for Izzie Button from Izzie’s! This new skin of hers, Faith, is one of the cutest faces I have seen in a while! Also, I love that she uses the make ups on tattoo layers. Izzie is a lady of many skills and also makes some adorable accesoires like this owl necklace I’m wearing.

Happy Saturday frm my part of the world! ♥

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