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Odille, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

I had to look it up… December 3, 2006…. 3 days into my blogging career… knew I was a rookie blogger when I blogged Neferia Abel’s designs for the very first time, and back then, she was a rookie too. Things have changed. A lot. More than 2 years later, we both are still around, still doing what we like best, and I won’t judge myself, but as far as Nef is concerned, I think she has grown so much since that first time that we met and she showed me around her shops.

After that I have blogged Ivalde’s designs so often that I’ve lost count. After all, every visit to Ivalde meant tons of new designs. Neferia is a very busy bee and seems to have an unstoppable flux of creativity. Lately though I have kinda neglected the Ivalde sim, following Nef on the blogs, making mental notes to visit, but it just didn’t happen. Until this morning, and in one of the wings of her giant shop full of vintage and contemporary clothes alike, I found Odille. This Beautiful gown in black with black and blue sequins and a poofy sleeve attracted my attention right away. This is one classy gown, my dears.

I did edit this photo some, but only because I was stupid enough to not use my own light settings on a borrowed computer. So I added some light to the skirt. The rest is untouched.

Other stuff: LeLutka’s PETA hair in gold blond, LeLutka Roma light skin, make up 7a, Muse Celestine Diamond frost earrings.

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