It’s never just black or white

Casual fashion LOTD

What I hate about events, with exclusive items, is that they don’t last forever. I mean, sometimes you find something awesome, but sometimes it takes time before I find a way to use/blog it and by then the event is over and if you didn’t get that item like I did… it’s no longer around and some people will be all “Awww… but why do you blog things that I can’t have???” Yeah well, I guess I’m just a meanie like that 😛

Hair by Loovus Dzevavor, Slick Back Blanc
Skin by The Body Co., India
Make up by Nuuna, v3.1 and v7.8
Scarf by Surf Couture, Infinity coral
Shirt by Jane, Shane oversized tee
Leggings by Maitreya, MCEHT

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