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ColdLogic has a new spring collection out, man Damien, Janie and Zyrra work so hard! It’s not just a release, no it’s a complete collection! Too much to show in one post for sure! So I picked the Walsh combo, a nice twinset, which you can also wear as separates and the Walsh capri! Isn’t it fresh looking, with the mix of patterns?
I’m wearing it with Gos‘ Hunter ankle boots and La Viere‘s Cashmere flat cap and Reverie hair. My skin today is Glam Affair‘s new Zara skin, which on me looks younger and more innocent than the previous Glam Affair skins, but she’s so so cute and comes with gorgeous make ups! To finish the look I picked the Starla necklace from LaGyo because it’s just a simple color accent in an otherwise monochrome outfit, but not so elaborate that it distracts from the outfit.


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