It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

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With 2 more weeks to go before the actual celebration, the stress is surely kicking in. Shopping for gifts, preparing food, selecting a tree (trust me, in our family, that is SRSBSNS), decorating said tree when it has finally made it to our home and all that.  Oh well, in 3 more weeks we will be all nostalgic and sad that next Christmas is still a year away. Is it like giving birth to a child? They say the mother forgets about the pain of labour as soon as she holds her baby…..

Anyway, I am rambling, so on to the credits!! I am wearing Magika hair (Safe) and Glam Affair‘s upcoming beautiful skin Linn (Natural, make up D12). The Mr. Poet freebie scarf is still among my favourite accessoires, and I have paired it with Paper Couture‘s Golden Wings ring, which doubles amazingly well as a brooch. The Turtle neck is from Molichino (Sally) and the mesh dress Awe is from Celoe (cod). Also the Mery gloves are mesh and from Celoe. My current favorite boots are Charlie from Treads. The come in 18 amazing colours and well, they are just awesome.

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