It's a Bird……


Someone stop me… I’m in a blog binge mood today. I was talking to Dakota Buck just now, and she told me about her and Twiggy’s upcoming release, and then she said… “Did I show you our brooch?” and she send me this beautiful, intricate, primalicious bird, with a subtle shadow baked into it. Now a lot of comments about the content in SL lately is that there is little that makes you jump up and think “OMG… I have to log on.. I MUST have this”, but that exactly was my first reaction when I saw this pretty… but then, Buckie sent it to me already…. so yay!!!

I decided to shoot some pics with it, on the second one you can actually see how tiny it is, but by the time I came back to SL, Dakota had logged off. I went over to Whippet & Buck, but I have not found it in the shop yet, so I’ll assume for now, it’s an unreleased piece. But OMG ( yeah, that’s the 2nd time in one post, I know) keep an eye on Twiggy & Kota’s blog, because you’ll want this!!

PS: if you have plenty of prims at your disposal, you might want to blow it up and put it on your wall…. makes great art as well!

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