It takes guts to ask for feedback!

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One of the most difficult things to do is asking actively for feedback on your work. And maybe even more so in an online environment like SL where feedback can be given semi-anonymously with all the positive AND negative aspects from that.
I’m super impressed with Gyorgyna Larnia from LaGyo to ask for it regardless. LaGyo has a history of selling bold jewelry and accesoires, statement pieces, often stepping across the line of realism into fantasy (as SL should be… after all, why limit yourself  to what is possible in the physical world?) However, despite her awesome designs, she has noticed a decline in business, which made her (logically so) wonder what she’s doing wrong, or what has changed over time. And she has opened a survey to reach out to you, SL shoppers and fashionistas, to share what you would like to see from LaGyo in the future, and how you like your shopping experience to be!


Hair Louie by Tableau Vivant (Kustom9)
Head Tumble by Catwa
Facial applier Grace by Insol (Tres Chic)
Jewelry Halsey by LaGyo
Dress Dolores by Neve
Xian boots by Hucci (Kustom9)

Taxi to LaGyo

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