Insolence: Dolores


Insolence Dolores, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

There is this pattern… Camila Yosuke from Insolence releases pretty new undies… Grazia gets greedy Le.Sigh. Thanks Camilla for just dropping these on me, they are lovely. at first sight they may mostly look black, but the flowers have subtle gold, teal, purple and red embroidery. And then there is the white set and the pure black. Call me ignorant, but I have just discovered that the layer options that Camilla offers for the tattoo wearers among us are also offereing extra options to play with, for more or less sheer versions of the sets.

All hair in this collage is from Truth, the skin is PXL Creation’s Grace, the shoes are Maitreya’s the glasses from Artilleri.. and the roses …. they were a gift *smiles*

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