Ingrid Is Walking Down The Isle


It’s been forever since I blogged formal wear, and I think this is the first time ever I decided to blog a bridal gown. This beauty is from the Ingrid Collection from NIcky Ree. Nicky, for me, is still one of the very best formal wear designers of SL with exquisite prim work (no stormy, nervous flexy prims) and meticulously crafted textures.

As you have grown to expect from Nicky Ree, her creations come with a variety of skirts. When you wear this one with a more svelte skirt and without the veil, it’s just a stunning formal, but with this big skirt with train… it’s one of those to die for dresses for that special SL day.

Hair Leah by Elikapeka Tiramisu for Elikatira
Skin Jasmine 2 by Gala Phoenix for Curio
Necklace LE Heart by Miriel Endfield for Miriel (no longer available)
Ingrid white gown by Nicky Ree for Designing Nicky Ree

3 thoughts on “Ingrid Is Walking Down The Isle”

  1. That whole capture is so lovely and you are so right about Nicky Ree – one of SL fashion’s stalwarts! I spent over L$500 recently on a little Limited Edition cocktail dress from Azul that *does* have hyperactive prim frills, not to mention some slight halo-ing around the neckline edges and a prim mini-skirt attachment that is only modifiable by script AND is only provided on shirt/pants layer! It’s a pretty dress and I like it, but it makes me realise why am tend to be really comservative and mainly just buy from my own “tried and true” SL fashion designers. btw – you are NOT fooling us with the Ingrid business – did you set a date yet :D…?

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