I’m trying, k?

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Hmmm… ’tis the season right? But as usual, I am not feeling it. I have been thinking about how the Cindy Lou Who from my childhood years has practically turned into the Grinch over the years. It’s not that I hate Christmas, but I am always having a hard time in December. I think it has something to do with the time when my dad became ill and we wondered for 3 years in a row whether “this would be the year we could celebrate Christmas together for the last time” before he actually passed and Christmas without him became a reality.
We have desperately tried as a family to build awesome memories, to make it the best time of the year and while there are precious memories for sure, it has always caused me so much stress between work, social obligations and the bittersweet Christmas days that to date (It’s been 3 years that dad is gone now) I can’t enjoy the season. Maybe i will find that holiday cheer back at some point, but for now, my ideal Christmas is quiet… just me and my guy, far from all the social and family gatherings, a tree and some beautiful music.

But hey… at least I am trying, right?

Mesh head Simone 2.0 by LeLutka  with default skin (Not yet released)
Hoodie and hair Brighton by Truth
Mesh body Lara by Maitreya
Panties Wina by SPIRIT  (C88)
Boots Desiree by NOIR (C88)
Metal Christmas trees by Pilot (C88)


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