I’m a Lousy Blogger


There, I said it. I am. I have not been keeping up  at all with the latest stuff, distracted as I am with RL and SL things alike. Not sure how soon this is going to change either, but anyway… it’s been weeks since I posted some hair… so here we go…

Truth has 3 new long styles out, all very feminine. I love his texture change accessoires, too. From left to right there is Selena, Billie-Jo (my fave of the week) and Sandra. They all come with various options, streaks or not, bangs various attachment points etc, though not all have the same options of course… Truth likes to keep us on our toes 😛

and then there is new hair over at Exile. Kavar is currently my hero as far as curls go. His styles are bold and gorgeous and i’m showing 3 of my favourite colours here… Harlow, brown sugar and hot streak. I think my fave hair this week is Olivia 2, to the left (Olivia comes in bangs and no bangs version). Lacy, in the middle, is just big soft gorgeous curls that also comes in 2 versions and then to the right there is the sleek Paris, which is a bit more sophisticate than the other 2 more flamboyant styles.

As you see, again, there is something for everyone this week…. except… Gentlemen… can we have more sexy short hair for women???

1 thought on “I’m a Lousy Blogger”

  1. > Gentlemen… can we have more sexy short hair for women???

    HEAR HEAR. Oh well, there’s plenty of boys’ hair out there to raid!

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