I saw this poster for Claudia de Breij’s new show this morning when I was stuck in traffic on my way to work. Claudia is one of The Netherlands best comedians, and apparently for this show she has created at least half a Second Life. My compliments for the creator of this avie for the resemblance to RL Claudia. Any of you any idea who might have created this?

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  1. I don’t know! But try Body Doubles, they do amazing custom work like this…besides all the shapes they have.

  2. Boudy doubles does only shapes. This is a total avatar, which is a whole different ball game. To really get a good resemblance it’s the custom skin, based on references from the RL person, ánd the shape.

  3. Actually they do more than shapes…they also find the perfect skin/hair/eyes/clothing that make the shape look as close to the RL person as possible…but no they don’t make skins themselves…still a much cheaper option for the same, if not better, result. Too bad they don’t make skins too!

  4. As said… it’s a different game… working the sliders is one thing. Styling and knowing who sells what is another, and being able to create a skin from scratch and make it actually look good… that’s yet another.

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