ICING's Sequined Starlet


ICING Sequined Starlet, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

I think I have about every piece that Miko Omegamu from ICING has in her shop. Maybe I missed one or two pieces, but I think I have pretty much the whole inventory covered. Yes, I’m a fan. And this sequined dress caught my eye for the season. What a perfect little cocktail dress. It has feathers, it has sequins, it has a fantastic butt hugging skirt and a delicious cleavage. What does a girl want more? Well, some stunning pearls, in this case the Margaux from Muse, some lovely satin gloves from Fleur (the white ones were a sim opening freebie and are not available in the shop, but do go for the other colours!) and some elegant high heels like Storm Schmooz’ Desir Noir (with matching seamed thigh highs). The clutch was a 2007 RFL special from Muse and is not available any longer.

The shape (shameless self promotion) is a work in progress and I really like how this voluptuous frame is coming along and how well it works with almost every skin in my inventory. I’m wearing it here with Jadzia Sol from The Abyss and the -excusez the pop language- absolutely friggin’awesome L$ 30 (no typo) No 37 hair from W&Y (oh, and that is for L$ 30 for 4 colours)

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