I choose me

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I choose self-love, self -exploration, self-awareness. I choose embracing every curve of my body and loving every imperfection so much that I no longer view them as imperfections. I choose allowing myself to make mistakes and learning from them. I choose adventure, love and trust. I choose getting a head start on new year resolutions and committing to them. I choose positivity and spreading it like a disease. I choose life, I choose me. – Whispering_Euphoria

I found this lovely piece on a storytelling platform called Wattpad and it spoke to me. Truth is, I do not always choose me. Actually, most times I do not choose me. But I’m a work in progress, and I will learn.

Also, do you know what day it is? It’s leLUTKA releases 4 new heads day! Zora, Irina, Sasha and Paxton are in store now! Have fun playing with them, create new looks, enjoy the features and share your looks in the leLUTKA Flickr group so we can all enjoy!

Hair by Doux, Martina
Mesh head by leLUTKA, Zora
Skin by Insol, Lea @Kustom9
Eyes by Velour, Glaucia
Eyeshadow by IDTTY Faces, Crystal Girl
Contour by Nar Mattaru, contour belonging with Catherine skin
Blush by Jack Spoon, Cindy
Lipstick by Poema, Positions
Jewelry by Yummy, Ice Queen set
Dress by Boys to the Bone, Kvist @Kustom9
Shoes by Gos Boutique, Bianca
Backdrop by Minimal, lightroom 2 @Kustom9

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