How Dull Can a Birthday Be?


How Dull Can a Birthday Be?

“It’s my RL B’day today, 18th December, I turn 23…and its dull as can be..”

I will just go ahead and say this! I’ve always found special days to be very disappointing…they are never what they are hyped up to be, I am always let down by them. They never fulfill my expectations and never fail to disappoint.

Going through the usual drudgery of life one pegs hopes on special events, special days give you a bright vision of the future, a day when life will not be so boring and everything will be great, but It never is all of that. Most noticeably, special days are very short, every hour passes like a minute…soon the day is done and you are brought back to reality.

People are sweeter than normal days usually, which makes me think, why can’t these people be equally nice to me on other days? Everyone is helpful, tolerating and pampering. Yet again, it all seems to wear off as soon as the day ends…

So yeah, everything considered, special days actually depress me more than they make me happy..they are a reminder of how good things in life don’t last long, my special days are especially dull and I think I am much more happier on un-special days!
But yeah..well..Happy Birthday to Me!…

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6 thoughts on “How Dull Can a Birthday Be?”

  1. Happy Birthday Hunain… I agree with your sentiments on birthdays and other special days and therefore try to find joy in everyday equally.

    I hope you do find some joyful spots in your day today.

    <8 elu

  2. Happy Birthday! Make every day special! You have many many years ahead! Blessings to you!
    Hugs, Sher

  3. Happy Birthday Hunain..I hope you have an enjoyable day. If I see you in SL i will jump on you and hug you to death xxxxxxxx

  4. Happy birthday bratty! <3

    You can always count on me to be mean to you and never sweet, no worries! šŸ˜›

    Regardless of how your birthday was, I hope this coming year is full of adventure, enlightenment and happiness. <3

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