How can I control my life when I can’t control my hair?


[Update] more goodness, from Exile this time. It just hit the shop! I love the above the shoulder hairs this week, but my favourite is Violet, to the far right, with the colour change hat!

Lots of hair goodies again this week! Lamb has these two pretties out, it’s sexy, it’s innocent, it’s… gah… so gottahave!

Also Maitreya put out another load of gorgeous hair, with hats and scarves, and my all time Maitreya favourite to the far left: Nathalie!

Of course Truth doesn’t let us down and added some more locks to his ever expanding inventory. Also, 1 new for the guys!!!  Kudos for the split attachment points, it’s so much easier to fitfor pics like that!

To end this week’s hair post, I have a bit of a rant. While the 69 hairs always look super cute on their vendors, it just never fits on my av’s head. It’s not that my head is big (it’s actually pretty small at 44) or that it has a super weird  egg shape or something, but grrrr… this hair is always frustrating! Add to this frustration that the textures generally look rather dull to me, and that with 300 L$ per colour pack, I find it rather pricey and there, I made a decision over breakfast not to bother anymore with this hair until someone informs me that they have changed the fit of the hair…..Or until they make the next OMG OMG OMG hair… which I will happily report my next 69 frustration… yeah, I’m shallow like that *grins*

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4 thoughts on “How can I control my life when I can’t control my hair?”

  1. I agree with you on the 69 hair. Although I like the textures and the styles, I find it one of the most frustrating hair styles (any of their styles) to fit my head with or without the resizer. Not to mention the layout and the brightness of the store is also frustrating.

  2. Hmmm dont the hair have some sort of resizer script? Mine comes in both modify version and the one with resizer script.. so yeah dont fidn it hard to fit it..

  3. Hi Lei, they do, but there is more needed than just stretch it, which basically is the only things resizers are good for.
    And yes, I modded the hair in the pics til it was a decent fit, but all in all, I always ask myself, why I bought it again… and over and over… I don’t know the answer. So I decided to blog it and call it quits. No more 69 hir for me, I can do without the frustration.

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