Holiday Formal

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Sachi Vixen’s new formal releases for the 2007 holidays are truly gorgeous. The understated design (I like to think of it as fashion without bling), the soft textures that almost seem to glow and the exquisite prim skirts are enough to win you over, not to mention that every outfit comes in multiple skirt options, so fit for every occasion in the holiday season, except for long walks with friends in the winter wonderland. The Elan gown in silver forms the basis of this festive outfit.
In the spotlight Random Calliope’s jewelry. What this magician does with prims is really unbelievable. These are untextured and unscripted… just bare prims in their most gorgeous self.



  • Boa and gloves from the 2006 Limited Edition Noelle gown by Ginny Talamasca @ Dazzle Haute Couture, discontinued (tinted in a very light grey to match the silver of the gown)
  • Paillette evening clutch in silver by CJ Carnot @ Tête à Pied, L$ 100
  • Earrings beloning to the Ice Queen set by Random Calliope, L$ 1000


  • Vivant skin Paon in buff, custom version by Roslin Petion @ Tête à Pied, L$ 500 (regular single skins)
  • Ginny hair in nickel by Elika Tiramisu @ ETD, L$ 200 (naturals II pack)

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