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A couple of weeks ago, my brother sent me this antique Book of Shadows by Chris Two Designs that not only makes you look really intelligent, with your head buried in its contents, but it has actually some beautiful illustrations inside, so it’s worth camming in on! It’s clickable and you can change the cover and colour accents too!

And since it’s October now, and with the weather to match, I’m feeling more witchy than usual, so I got a nice little contemporary outfit to match.

Hair Lesha by Exile (C88)
Head Fleur by LeLutka
Skin Esther by Raonhausen
Eyebrows Lily by Nar Mattaru
Contouring and highlighting New Face by Top1Salon
Lipstick Sahara by Top1Salon (C88)

Necklace Cressida by Fetch (C88)
Dress Xenia by Mutresse (C88)
Socks Pia by Blueberry
Reignboots by Reign (*

(* so yeah, I suck at taking full body pics and I even suck more at shooting shoes (something I have come to realise over the years) But like any girl, I love shoes and they can make or break an outfit. So while I tend to leave them out of my blog pics, I will link to a vendor pic when I think the shoes really matter to the outfit. And in this case, with the rain pouring down over the past days now, these wellies are absolutely an integral part of my outfit!

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