Harlequin, the second life of an abandoned project


Earlier this year, my friends Jori and TJ shared their love for each other with a couple of good friends in SL and for the occasion, Jori had asked talented designer Rebel Hope to make her a gown which she had seen in a magazine, and would love to wear on her special day.

I remember  an uploading session on Rebel’s platform where Jori and I were both drooling on what Rebel had done so far  and encouraging her to not give up, because it was coming along great. Unfortunately, as Jori’s and TJ’s day approached, Rebel felt she couldn’t live up to expectations and backed away from the project.

Luckily for Jori, Kimmera Madison from Très Beau stepped up and made her the most stunning gown after this very image, you can see it here, but that’s a different story.

Last week I learned that Rebel decided to give it another go at the gown she started for Jori, and with some changes to the original commissioned design, he has created Harlequin. A stunning bridal but still with clear references to the gown Jori had in mind. I’m glad to see Rebel decided to try at it again, because frankly, I was a bit disappointed to see her giving up on a design that, even in the early stages, looked quite stunning. So I’d like to congratulate Rebel on overcoming her incertainty and add yet another beautiful design to her shop’s inventory!

3 thoughts on “Harlequin, the second life of an abandoned project”

  1. You look gorgeous, and yes, like you, I am so glad to see that Rebel finished the gown I had asked for. Many hours of planning and designing.. from secret fittings – so seeing it come to fruition is a bittersweet event for me.

    I wish Rebel well, and know her skills/talent and creativity will continue to grow.

    J – Mrs. Inglewood *YO*

  2. Nave, I absolutely agree… Kim did an AMAZING job on Jori’s gown. I’m afraid me being a nice person got in the way of my cynical feeling towards the Harlequin gown and its creator since I didn’t want to bash on Rebel for backing out of a promised work and then later make it available commercially. Maybe I should have…..

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