Halloween @ Exile

Halloween @ Exile, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.


No pumpkins on my blog… No trick or treats at my door, no costumes in RL… it’s just not that big of a deal here… although… some people, retail shop owners mostly, want to make us believe that Halloween is the next Sinterklaas in the Netherlands… well… nah… I love my Sinterklaas, and in a few weeks we’ll have the kids at the doorsteps for St. Martin, which is one of the winter/begging feasts here. But I could not resist posting Kavar Cleanslate’s cute and sassy Halloween costumes for Exile. the Slut rule Bunny, Cat & Mouse were created last year, and are back in the shop for the occasion, and the Mistress of the Law, is a new costume this year. All hair is from Exile, skin by Pink Fuel and the ankle boots are from Bax Coen.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who kinda resents the import of Halloween to the European mainland.  I have an Ana by my side <3

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